Lesson Plan Four

Name – Sarah Kirschman                                                              Subject – Arts Education [Drama]

Lesson Length – 25 minutes                                                        Grade – 5/6

Content – Basics of Drama and Tableau

Teaching Strategy – student involvement, demonstration, group work, copy and follow

OutcomeCP6.5 – Select and use focus, tension, conflict, and symbol to convey ideas.

Indicators – d) Use the language and vocabulary of drama

  1. c) Describe how ideas expressed through symbol

Prerequisite Learning – Students must know what conflict is and what tension is.

SWBAT – Perform basic drama operations such as neutral, min, max and proper drama stance, find their diaphragm, project and utilize tableau, including levels.


Set – A basic warm-up with the students, going through a vocal and physical stretch. The students will be introduced to the drama stances, as well as neutral and how to project their voices.

Development –

  • Describe to the students what a tableaux is [a frozen picture]
  • The students will be given time to create their own tableaux with the appropriate levels [high, medium and low]
  • Give the students reminders to make the project easier [pick simple poses, pick a dristy point, have emotions and characters chosen]
  • The students will be given a conflict to represent through tableau. The scenes will begin and end in neutral, and when I clap, they will turn and freeze in position, holding the pose until I clap again.

Conclusion – The students will share their tableaux with the class.

Adaptive Dimension

  • Doing all the work as a group so that students do not feel as if they are being singled out
  • Students will work together so they are within their comfort zones




Professional Development Plan

Topic: Drama

Name: Sarah Kirschman

Professional Target:  Give Constructive Feedback

Steps to Achieve Target: Giving each group notes after their tableaux that are important to the work that they have done. Giving individual notes instead of the same comments that mean nothing.

Instructions to Observer: Listening to my feedback and making sure that I am actually giving useful CCCs to the students and not resorting to generalizations.



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