Lesson Plan Five

Name – Sarah Kirschman                                                              Subject – Arts Education [Drama]

Lesson Length – 1 hour                                                                 Grade – 5/6

Content – Absurdum in Drama

Teaching Strategy – student involvement, demonstration, group work, copy and follow

OutcomeCP6.5 – Select and use focus, tension, conflict, and symbol to convey ideas.

Indicators – d) Use the language and vocabulary of drama

  1. c) Describe how ideas expressed through symbol


 Drama Rubric (Day 8)

Prerequisite Learning – Students must know what conflict is and what tension is. Students have learned about tableaux, neutral, blocking, improvisation, and other basic drama rules.

SWBAT – Understand absurdum and utilize various drama techniques (tableaux, neutral, improvisation, etc.) to create a scene.


Set – A basic warm-up with the students, going through a vocal and physical stretch. The students will be reminded about neutral, projection, dristhi point, blocking.

Development –

  • Explanation of what absurdum is in relation to drama (Putting life into something meaningless. Giving personality to an inanimate object.)
  • An example will be given (shiny cd – full of itself, shallow, rich, jack of all trades)
  • Students can separate themselves into groups of two-three.
  • We will go around and give preplanned objects
  • Write on the board the five things they are expected to include in their scene.
  • Time – aim for a minute in length
  • Tableaux – three levels, stillness
  • Focus – in character, no laughing
  • Neutrals – before and after scene
  • Creativity – each character is different
  • After everyone has a scene, we will reconvene and perform.

Conclusion – Students will perform and we will grade.




Adaptive Dimension

  • They can be whatever character they choose, as long as it is the object given
  • Opportunity to perform their scene for the teacher before being marked, to get feedback and hints
  • Control over what the scene is about






Professional Development Plan

Topic: Drama

Name: Sarah Kirschman

Professional Target:  Time Management

Steps to Achieve Target: Watch time while doing a warm up and make sure I give every group the time they need for me to give them CCCs.

Instructions to Observer: Make sure my warm up is ten minutes, give or take a minute. Equal, or as equal as possible time given to each group during the creation process.



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