About Me


My name is Sarah Kirschman, and I’m a fourth year University student at the University of Regina, studying Secondary Education, Math Major. Last semester, so excited!! Huge love of drama and freedom of expression. I am using this blog to detail my journey throughout my years of University. Time will tell if it will continue through my future as a student and teacher. I hope to mix a bit of my personal life with my professional life, allowing people to get to know me, as well as the person I hope to become in front of a classroom.


I am originally from Yorkton, where I was involved in the local drama company for twelve years, and I still teach at the studio whenever I have a break from University. I taught two classes while I was back in Yorkton for my internship experience.  I do workshops, volunteer to work the door and do before-show preparations for productions. The students I have the most experience with range from grade four to grade eight, and I have also helped tutor a few students in math, both in Regina and Yorkton. I have tutored Calculus as well as other basic algebra classes. As well, I also worked for a summer day camp for children where we planned field trips, crafts, and games to entertain the children.

My internship experience was in a Grade Eight classroom in Yorkton. Best time of my life, had some excellent students and teachers to work with – would not change any part of it.


With my background in drama, I can add a fun and friendly atmosphere to the classroom. My experience has also taught me improvisational skills, and I am able to think quickly on my feet. I take direction well, but I am also able to take initiative when needed.


I hope to be a positive person in the classroom and to add to the classroom environment, not take away from it. I would like to learn how to balance a professional atmosphere with being a friendly and approachable teacher. I believe that it is important to develop relationships with students without forgetting that they also view you as their teacher. I hope to better enhance my teaching abilities, and to learn which teaching strategies work for me and work well in a classroom.



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