Salted Caramel Cookies – 2.0

So I did the thing. The thing I was talking about in my last post where I needed to fix my cookies because the caramel was not a thing in the cookies I made? So they were more salted cookies than salted caramel cookies?

Well, I am not one to just give up on something. And if the purpose of this learning project is to, well, learn something, then I should actually improve upon my mistakes and then move forward.

So what I did was went and bought some soft caramels instead of caramel-filled chocolates and I made two more batches with the soft caramels. In the first batch I squished the caramels until they were flat, hoping that that would spread the caramel out. The second batch I made without squishing the caramel.

This is how the cookies turned out:



I should really invest in taking less vertical photos. But it’s with my phone so…maybe I should crop them?

Anyway, the cookie is not shown from the inside because, lo and behold, the caramel sort of escaped from the sides. That’s that little bit of browny-orange in the top left corner, and the rest perhaps fused into the cookie?

Either way, they tasted way better, so I count that as a success, and an improvement on my baking skills, which I am pleased about. See, I’m already learning! But I am still not an expert on how you put fillings into baking, so I think I’m going to have to try and make more stuff-filled baking in the future, to up that skill I lack. Because even though they tasted good, they did not look like the cookies on Sally’s Baking Addiction, no sirree.

I do not have a lesson plan attached to this update mostly because I want to throw it to anyone who may have a science background – is there anything here that can be done with heat and the melting point of caramel to find out why the caramel dissolves in the cookie???? Is that a thing? Why does my caramel hate me so? Teach me something, anything, I would like to know! And if there is, can you think of some sort of lesson, or curricular tie in with this magical caramel that disappears?

Have a great day, I really got nothing to go here to inspire you. Except this photo of a dog I got from search for “cute dog” on Creative Commons


                 LuAnn Snawder Photography



7 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Cookies – 2.0

  1. Hey Sarah, I’ve never make with caramels before… but maybe if you froze the caramels first? The the cookie would bake and the caramels would thaw and get gooey, but not absorb?
    I’m excited to see what works for you!

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  3. I’m glad you improved. At first i thought you gave that cookie to this dog to try and he made an innocent face saying….hmmmm… it wasn’t very tasty or he liked it and wants more 🙂

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