Musical Explorations

I painted my nails today. They are a beautiful purple colour, with some weird red-pinkish style accents on my thumbs. So now as I type, I can’t stop staring at their impeccable beauty. And thinking about how cool I will look next week when I teach my next lesson in my field.

This week, a curve ball was thrown at me in the form of teaching the Grade Seven and Eight class instead of my usual Five/Six class. Luckily, I had a lesson prepared that required little adaptation, so away I went. It was scary to go into a classroom I had only been in once before and teach to a group of students that I didn’t even get to talk to the last time I saw them, but overall it went pretty well.

I had a student who was very musical which was very useful in the discussions we had about the different styles of music I played for the class. The students were all very engaged, I found. I had a lot of volunteers to speak, and they seemed to enjoy the lesson, even though none of us were really expecting it. For the end of the lesson, I asked the students to listen to two songs I had, Strange Games and Break the Sword of Justice, and pick one to write a story for. While I was playing all of the songs I had for the students, they were dancing, and smiling, and joking around with each other about the music. My co-op partner even said that the lesson wouldn’t have been as effective or successful if I hadn’t picked such good music. So, I guess that is a plus for me, although that isn’t any of my skill, the composers of the songs get to take all the credit.

When a song was finished, they wanted me to tell them the name of the song, and where it was from, so I felt really happy that the students were curious enough to know about the songs.

At the end of the lesson, the students handed in their descriptions of the stories they had made up about the music, and, let me tell you, they were very inspiring. All of the students had very diverse ideas and were extremely creative. Some were sad they would not be able to act out the glory that was in their heads for me. I told them that maybe someday I would teach them again and they could dance. It was a very special moment in our lives.


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